Tips on cleaning your house

Almost no one looks forward to this activity, cleaning. To best avoid this sometimes you even procrastinate and makes things even worse and dirtier, and when things get out of control, you throw your hands up in the air giving up and call a cleaning service instead. Which is very helpful, but cost us money that you could have spent or save for another occasion. However, to avoid deep and big clean up, follow this three advice.

Make it part of your routine

 cb3gr55q37yEven if you don’t like cleaning, it is possible to incorporate it as a part of your routine. Try to find a way to multi-task small cleaning step as your habit. For example, take the trash out of your room every three days when you want to leave your place in the morning. That way you don’t have to go out just to take the trash out. Or do the laundry while you shower so you can leave and wait for the laundry to finish in the shower and go out to take care of the rest. Doing this will help you and trick your brain to think and see the activity less unattractive because you are doing other stuff that you are okay with.

You can never have too many trash bin

3btc5f7iThe sentence may sound too specific of a tip, but it’s true. A simple sign that you don’t have enough trash bin is when you find a person in your house, or you were stacking trash somewhere else because probably the bin is too far from where they are. Have one in every room unless it’s a storage room. But even your laundry and closet room can use a small container to put the trash away. Unthinkable little stuff like clothes new tag, junk inside your pocket and random things will need a close by bin. If not you will either find yourself carrying the trash and forget about it or stack it somewhere and try to convince yourself that you will go back to throw it away someday.

Try to reduce waste

If you live with less waste that means there is less mess to clean. And do you know that it’s possible to live with no waste? There’s a lot of people these days that have been living this way. Usually, this means avoiding all types of disposable products like straw, plastic cup, any drinks or beverages in the convenient store, and most packaging for bathroom utilities, bedroom, kitchen, and many other things. If you are not familiar with this way of life, it seems like an impossible thing to do. But you don’t have to live accordingly to this; you can find ways that you think you want and can apply to reduce waste and therefore reduce cleaning as well.