Early school census records

These census records, for the territorial years and right after statehood, were obtained by visiting each house and recording all children 21 and under in the home plus the parent or guardian.

These were transcribed by Vynette Sage from records at the Arizona State Library & Archives and the Cochise County School Superintendent.

These school census are on three microfilms at the Arizona State Archives. Many of the original records were damaged and/or in poor condition at the time of filming; pages torn, with holes; faded, written in pencil; pages not numbered consistently and some seemed to be missing. There are 89 districts listed in the Archives inventory (a red, three-ring binder) showing about 20 districts still in existence. Records are filed chronologically and gives name of district. The film numbers are #90.2.1 (District #1 - 13), 90.2.2 (District #14 - 41), 90.2.3 (District #42 - 75). (For Districts #76 - 89, the Archives has no film.) The years vary and are not consistent, but basically the range is between 1909 - 1915. The number of pages per district varies many have as little as 3 or 4 pages and a few have close to 75 or more. It is strongly advised that you check the film or the original records, not only for additional data, but also to check names for readability. MOTTO: Check the Originals!

There are five accommodation schools: Bar-O-Ranch, Guadalupe, Fort Huachuca (District #74), Happy Valley, and Pine Canyon. The Archives has no film for these districts.

Helpful clues found on the census is given: ages of students, male/female, colored/white, native/foreign born.
Except for the longer districts, this data should be fairly easy to locate and it is possible to get a photocopy of the record.

The district number is needed to obtain the film. You can search the filmed census yourself or for the shorter districts the Archives will search for you Contact: Arizona State Archives, 1700 West Washington Street, Room 300, Phoenix, AZ 85007. Their web site http://www.dlapr.lib.az.us/

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Adams School No. 11 Allen School No. 59 Apache School No. 42
Artesia School No. 10 Ash Creek No. 53 Babacomari No. 5
Bear Creek No. 58 Bernadino No. 52 Bisbee No. 2
Black Diamond No. 29 Bowie School No. 14 Brophy School No. 62
Buena School No. 68 Canyon School No. 73 Chiricahua School  No. 30
Chiricahua School No. 69 Cochise School No. 26 Courtland School No. 43
Dos Cabezas No. 15 Douglas Schools No. 27 Dragoon School No. 61
Erie School No. 41 Eldorado School No. 16 Fairview School  No. 64
Ft Bowie  No. 14 Garces School No. 70 Gleeson School No. 25
Grandview School  No. 52 Guadalupe School  No. 30 Johnson School  No. 33
Jordan School No. 69 Kansas Settlement School No. 20 Klinesdale School No. 75
Leslie Canyon School  No. 46 Lewis Springs No. 72 Lone Oak School
Marcus School No. 21 Mascot School No. 65 McAllister School No. 59
McDonald & Cottonwood Sch No. 28 McNeal School  No. 55 Mescal School No. 75
Moore's Spur No. 39 Mtn View School No. 56 Naco School No. 23
Neel School  No. 44 Osborn School No. 36 Palominas School  No. 49
Paradise School  No. 31 Pearce School No. 22 Pool School No. 24
Portal & Cave Creek School  No. 34 Price Canyon School No. 67 Rodeo, NM School  No. 48
Rucker School No. 66 San Pedro School No. 19 San Simon School No. 18
Servoss School No. 40 Sheep Canyon School No. 63 Silver Creek School  No. 32
Skeleton Canyon School  No. 30 Slaughter School  No. 28 Soldier's Hole No. 12
Stewart School No. 57 Stronghold School  No. 60 Sulphur Springs School  No. 47
Swisshelm School No. 35 Teviston School No. 14 Tombstone School No. 1
Tres Alamos No. 10 Tufa School  No. 32 Turkey Creek School  No. 54
Turner No. 5 Turquoise School No. 25 Valley School  No. 45
Webb School  No. 29 Wilgus School No. 17 Willcox School No. 13
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