Cochise County Railroad Employees

Source: Newsletter of the Cochise Genealogical Society: The Tombstone - Issues #18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24

Railroading in Southeast Arizona
The following is a list of conductors, passenger brakemen, baggage men, freight brakemen and switchmen who worked for the former Tucson Division of Southern Pacific Company, the former Western Division of EP & SW Railroad Company and the former Phoenix, Globe and Cochise division of Arizona Eastern Railroad Company. These three, in July 1, 1958, were merged to form the Tucson Division and includes the Rio Grande Division between Tucson and El Paso for the Southern Pacific Company, Pacific Lines. These records show date of employment and promotion date or branch.

Consolidated Senority List - Passenger Brakemen & Baggage Men, Tucson Division & Rio Grande Division, Tucson-El Paso Southern Pacific Co. July 1, 1958
Passenger brakemen and baggage men on former Tucson Division and Former Phoenix Division of Arizona Eastern have prior rights to their protected number of passenger trains. All freight brakemen hold consolidated seniority in passenger service in order of their standing on freight list, and are junior to brakemen on passenger brakemen's seniority list, with the exception of brakemen on the former Globe Division, Arizona Eastern, who hold prior rights to their protected number of passenger crews. Passenger brakemen hold consolidated freight seniority, as shown on the freight brakemen's seniority list.

Bloodworth, David March 14, 1923 SW
Carter, T. O. June 18, 1920 AE - Globe
Cole, J. T. November 1, 1923 AE - Cochise
Crow, Troy November 22, 1922 AE - Globe
Dodge, Edward F. August 23, 1923 SW
Dolmolin, Frank May 1, 1916 AE Globe
Ewan, G. G. January 1, 1922 SW
Heron, Keith C March 26, 1924 AE Globe
Russell, Harry A. January 30, 1918  
Savage, P. J., Jr September 7, 1916 SW - RD
Seamands, Laurence August 29, 1924 SP
Skidmore, Roy W. November 7, 1916 SP
Spaw, O. E. January 1, 1922  

Consolidated Senority List - Frieght Brakemen, Tucson Division & Rio Grande Division, Tucson-El Paso Southern Pacific Co. July 1, 1958

Abbott, V. T. 13-Dec-24 Cons
Abresch, W. G. 9-Oct-42 Cons
Adams, Walter T. 12-Nov-42 Cons
Akers, Billie R. 28-Jun-57 Cons
Alexander, Walter C. 7-Feb-25 Cons
Alexander, Warren L. 11-Jun-36 Cons
Allen, Charles A. 9-Jan-24 SP-RD
Allen, James T. 12-May-56 Cons
Allen, Lyle E 10-May-42 Cons
Allen, Lyndol D. 1-May-55 Cons
Allen, Quanah P. 25-Mar-42 Cons
Alsobrook, Joe L. 22-Dec-26 Cons
Andrews, Archie R. 26-Jun-42 Cons
Andrews, Gilbert T. 23-May-42 Cons
Andrews, Richard E. 1-Aug-55 Cons
Appogast, George H., Jr. 2-Feb-46 Cons
Armstrong, Clarence N. 17-Mar-37 Cons
Armstrong, Frank S. 26-Mar-37 Cons
Arnold, Fred H. 13-Jul-17 SP
Arveson, Leon R. 1-Jan-56 Cons
Ashley, Morris D. 25-Apr-41 Cons
Atkinson, Jack L. 23-Aug-45 Cons
Avery, Clarence W. 22-Jun-37 Cons
Awtrey, Jess W. 10-Feb-44 Cons
Bailey, John O. 11-Jul-37 Cons
Bailey, S. H. 2-Dec-36 Cons
Baird, Charles L. 19-Apr-41 Cons
Baird, John M. 10-Jun-43 Cons
Baker, A. E. 9-Nov-25 Cons
Baker, Jack B. 12-Jun-36 Cons
Baker, V. T. 17-Aug-54 Cons
Baker, Warren E. 9-Jan-26 Cons
Ball, Allen J. 12-Jun-36 Cons
Ball, R. K. 29-Jun-56 Cons
Barker, Lynn L. 16-Jun-36 Cons
Barnett, John A. 4-Apr-51 Cons RD
Batchellor, Edmund R. 27-Dec-47 Cons
Baumgardner, Charles E. 12-May-25 Cons
Baxter, C. J. 4-Jul-42 Cons
Bearse, Frank H. 11-Jan-26 Cons
Bedford, James M. 11-Jun-44 Cons
Beebe, Mark A. 5-Mar-37 Cons
Bell, Ira L. 7-Feb-11 SP
Bennedum, Richard D. 22-Dec-41 Cons
Bennett, John E. 11-May-43 Cons
Benzley, LaVerne J. 23-Apr-41 Cons
Berlin, John J. 4-Aug-51 Cons
Billman, Fred A. 15-Jun-36 Cons
Bingham, Millard D. 30-Mar-42 Cons
Birch, Henrie E. 20-Mar-26 Cons
Birch, Thomas L. 20-May-29 Cons
Bishop, Carl L. 16-Oct-25 Cons
Bishop, Fred 24-Apr-25 Cons
Black, Clifford L. 11-Apr-42 Cons
Bland, Allen D. 11-May-36 Cons
Bland, Allen D. 11-May-36 Cons
Blank, Charles E. 17-Apr-28 Cons
Blank, Samuel M. 8-Jul-41 Cons
Bloodworth, David M. 14-Mar-23 SW
Bloodworth, Troupe A. 6-Feb-37 Cons
Bobersky, Peter 5-Jul-46 Cons
Bonewell, William F 23-May-53 Cons
Booth, Robert A. 28-Jun-51 Cons #
Boring, W. J. 5-Jul-46 Cons RD
Borseth, Melvin A. 8-Sep-43 Cons
Boudreaux, William W. 21-Feb-42 Cons
Boulter, James C. 13-Jun-36 Cons
Bourland, John H. 16-Dec-36 Cons
Bowles, John C. 15-May-16 SP
Boyd, Chelton, A., Jr. 31-May-36 Cons
Boyd, Clarence D 19-Mar-42 Cons
Boyd, Henry C. 1-Feb-52 Cons
Boyd, Pat 16-Dec-42 Cons
Boyer, Clarence R. 26-Nov-36 Cons
Bradford, Benjamin C. 5-Jun-36 Cons
Bradford, Kenner C. 4-May-44 Cons RD
Bradford, Robert W. 29-Apr-56 Cons
Brame, Charles 3-Jan-45 Cons
Britton, William E. 23-Dec-36 Cons
Brogan, Roland P. 12-May-41 Cons
Brooks, Gerald R. 28-Jun-57 Cons
Brooks, Orville C. 23-May-42 Cons
Brouillet, Russell L. 2-Jul-37 Cons
Brown, Arthur J. 19-Oct-25 Cons
Brown, Bernice N. 9-May-42 Cons
Brown, Harold F. 5-Dec-16 SP
Brown, Maxwell 21-Mar-24 SP
Brubaker, William E. 5-Apr-41 Cons
Bruno, Frank 4-Apr-51 Cons
Buchanan, John L. 1-Apr-27 Cons
Burling, Richard W. 7-Apr-47 Cons
Burnham, Joseph W. 25-Jul-50 Cons
Burns, Duane T. 23-Dec-55 Cons
Burns, William E. 21-Jan-43 Cons
Burt, Max 30-May-36 Cons
Burton, Clyde 21-May-36 Cons
Burton, Clyde 21-May-36 Cons
Bushnell, Robert K. 2-Jun-44 Cons
Butler, Alfred D. 7-Nov-56 Cons
Byrne, Martin V. 2-Mar-26 Cons
Cameron, Allen 3-May-41 Cons
Campbell, George H. 14-Oct-42 Cons
Campbell, Harry N. 14-Nov-25 Cons
Carlise, Sylvester 12-Nov-52 Cons
Carlson, Emil J Jr 12-Apr-41 Cons
Carlton, William L. 31-May-36 Cons
Carmichael, Henry C. 13-May-20 SP
Carrasco, Ray   2-Jun-56
Carter, Bernard O. 27-Feb-37 Cons
Carter, Rouel G. 22-May-41 Cons
Carter, Troy O. 18-Jun-20 AE-Globe
Carter, W. C. 23-Mar-44 Cons
Cash, James G. 13-Apr-42 Cons
Cavin, Nathan 31-Jan-42 Cons
Cassou, Weldon R. 5-Jan-44 Cons
Celum, Ira E. 13-Feb-45 Cons
Chalmers, Richard W. H. 10-Apr-23 SP
Chalmers, William L. 12-Jun-36 Cons
Chambers, Ramond H. 23-Jan-43 Cons
Chandler, Ballard S. 12-Jan-20 AE-Phoenix
Chapman, Clifford E 23-Sep-53 Cons
Chapman, L. P. 24-Feb-42 Cons
Chapman, T. R. 16-May-28 Cons
Chapman, James E. 15-Nov-43 Cons
Childs, Earl R. 15-Mar-42 Cons
Clark, Ervin L. 22-Feb-42 Cons
Clark, Floice W. 12-Apr-37 Cons
Clark, Henry W., Jr. 6-Dec-41 Cons
Clark, Howard E. 30-Sep-43 Cons
Clark, Ralph R., Jr. 22-Jun-37 Cons
Clark, Wilbur A. F. 16-Jul-48 Cons
Cloninger, Malcolm 5-Nov-48 Cons
Cole, J. T. 14-Jun-19 AE-Cochise
Coleman, Frank E. 2-Jun-20 SP
Compton, Cecil A. 23-May-26 Cons
Cook, Charles E. 5-Jun-23 SP
Cook, Richard A. 17-Feb-42 Cons
Cope, Clyde H 14-Oct-44 Cons
Corbet, Leo F. 17-Mar-42 Cons
Covington, Gary V. 10-Jan-29 Cons
Crawford, James F. 19-Jan-43 Cons
Crenshaw, Asa A. 27-Feb-23 SP
Critchley, James E. 10-Jul-57 Cons #
Critchley, W. E., Jr. 25-Sep-53 Cons
Critchley, William E., Sr. 31-May-36 Cons
Croughan, Donald J. 22-Feb-26 Cons
Crow, Curtis L. 28-Dec-44 Cons
Crow, Troy 22-Nov-22 AE-Globe
Crowe, Eugene L. 9-Feb-26 Cons
Crum, Tom W. 7-Jul-56 Cons
Crump, Albert G. 23-Dec-42 Cons
Cunningham, John J. 21-Apr-42 Cons
Cunningham, William 5-Sep-53 Cons
Currier, William F. 31-May-36 Cons
Curry, Ishmael D. 28-Mar-42 Cons
Curtis, Eugene B. 1-Jan-56 Cons
Curtis, W. E. 2-Sep-55 Cons
Curzon, Ernest A. 18-Dec-41 Cons
Daniels, Bill G 17-Aug-48 Cons
Daniels, Robert E. 3-Sep-44 Cons
Davis, Dewey 24-Jun-46 Cons
Davis, Lemuel J. 11-Mar-42 Cons
Davis, R. D. 9-Jun-56 Cons
Dean, Pascal B. 25-Oct-42 Cons
DeCeasare, Peter J. 24-Jun-37 Cons
Deeming, Jack 11-Nov-36 Cons
Denaro, Peter 16-May-16 SP
Deon, Francis J. 20-Mar-42 Cons
Dingwall, Bennett T., Jr. 9-Apr-37 Cons
Dobson, Robert C 24-Feb-42 Cons
Dodge, Edward F. 23-Aug-23 SW
Dolmolin, Frank 1-May-16 AE-Globe
Dolmolin, Fred 26-May-44 Cons
Doman, Warren G. 8-Dec-55 Cons
Donnelly, J. W. 14-May-28 Cons
Dotson, Douglas G. 31-Mar-42 Cons
Dotson, Willis H. 10-Feb-46 Cons
Douglas, J. C. 24-Mar-42 Cons
Doyle, David A. 4-Jul-42 Cons
Drehobl, Raymond M. 22-Oct-41 Cons
Dryden, Edwin M. 5-Jan-42 Cons
Duncan , Walter G. 28-Apr-41 Cons
Duncan, Huston E. 23-May-41 Cons
Durnil, Earl J., Jr. 31-May-36 Cons
Dutiel, Robert F. 16-Jun-54 Cons
Dutton, Haskell, H. 2-Apr-37 Cons
Eaton, William R. 7-Dec-25 Cons
Eckles, George E. 31-May-36 Cons
Eckley, Stuart B. 4-Sep-43 Cons
Eddy, Clyde F. 10-Apr-41 Cons
Edson, Louis M. 9-Jul-37 Cons
Edwards, Robert B. 12-Mar-29 Cons
Elkins, Clarence I. Dec. 24, 1936 Cons
Ellis, Paul 27-Feb-43 Cons
Elmer, Osburn 2-Apr-42 Cons
Ermi, Louis F. 17-Mar-56 Cons
Essex, James R. 27-Aug-44 Cons
Estill, Floyd H. 7-Apr-25 Cons
Etheredge, Willie M. 31-May-36 Cons
Ewan, G. G. 1-Jan-22 SW-Clifton
Ezzell, Joe 4-Jun-56 Cons
Farley, Carl H. 29-Sep-47 Cons
Farrar, Phillip V. 9-May-42 Cons
Fassett, Arthur F. 18-Mar-44 Cons
Falk, George W. 6-Feb-26 Cons
Faulkner, Wesley A. 17-May-27 Cons
Fay, Anthony A. 17-Jun-42 Cons
Ferguson, Berlin 21-Jun-41 Cons
Finn, John W. 7-Jun-45 Cons
Fleming, Harry J. 11-Jan-37 Cons
Fletcher, Roy T. 6-Apr-42 Cons
Flower, Harry L. 5-Jul-41 Cons
Flower, Roger A. 19-Jun-54 Cons
Ford, John C. 31-May-36 Cons
Fountain, Thomas C. 14-Jun-41 Cons
Fowler, J. D. 10-Jul-55 Cons
Franklin, Roger R. 29-Apr-41 Cons
Frick, Ernest A. 18-May-41 Cons
Friess, A. W. 16-Jun-42 Cons
Fulbright, Brit 6-Apr-42 Cons
Fulk, George E. 6-Aug-52 Cons
Fuller, Edward O. 10-Feb-44 Cons
Gaither, Jack W. 27-Jun-37 Cons
Galloway, Gordon B. 15-May-25 Cons
Galloway, Marshall R. 27-Feb-37 Cons
Gessler, A. C. 28-Mar-37 Cons
Gibbons, Cecil B. 23-Jun-37 Cons
Gibson, Erne W. 12-Jun-36 Cons
Gibson, John W. 17-Jan-37 Cons
Gilliam, Melvin 6/26/1953 Cons
Gilliland, H. C. 10-Jun-53 Cons
Ginn, Leland 19-Feb-42 Cons
Gissendaner, Clarence A. 22-Apr-51 Cons
Givens, George P. 26-Apr-16 SP
Gladden, Fred 16-Jun-22 SP
Gladden, William H. 18-Apr-16 SP
Goad, Martin L. 30-Nov-55 Cons
Glines, Albert H. 12-Aug-44 Cons
Godfrey, Oliver F. 14-Jun-48 Cons
Goram, S. H. 21-Aug-45 Cons
Gordon, Preston K. 9-Jan-46 Cons
Gossett, Gleason S. 27-Jun-56 Cons
Gossett, James R. 7-Jan-45 Cons
Gould, Raymond R. 31-Dec-25 Cons
Gower, Allen E. 20-Jun-53 Cons
Graham, Lonis P. 22-Nov-42 Cons
Gray, Jack E. H. 22-Mar-42 Cons
Gray, Louis E. 8-Jun-36 Cons RD
Gray, Robert J. 21-Nov-42 Cons
Green, Walter 29-Nov-45 Cons
Grier, David P. 22-Apr-41 Cons
Griffin, Lester M. 6-Mar-41 Cons
Griffin, Thomas L. 8-Jun-36 Cons
Grimes,Robert A. 7-Jul-56 Cons
Grisham, T. J. 28-May-25 Cons-RD
Groff, Savoy T. 1-Nov-23 AE-Phoenix
Guinn, C. D. 25-May-28 Cons
Guinn, Virgil 8-Apr-27 Cons
Guy, Benjamin B., Jr. 24-Dec-46 Cons
Guyton, James C. 8-Jul-29 Cons
Halbrooks, Ernest C. 22-Dec-36 Cons
Haleman, Cecil W. 25-Aug-41 Cons
Hall, John H. 6-Feb-46 Cons
Hamilton, David C. 30-Oct-44 Cons
Hamilton, Joseph H. 2-Sep-20 SP
Hamm, Enos J. 17-Jun-41 Cons
Hanchette, Samuel E. 6-Apr-42 Cons
Hanks, Fred D 21-Jun-41 Cons
Hannah, Don C 22-Jun-43 Cons
Hannah, Dee H. 14-Dec-41 Cons
Hansen, Arthur W. 18-Sep-47 Cons
Hanson, Juell A. 24-Oct-44 Cons
Harding, Charles B. 9-Jun-41 Cons
Hardy, Melvin G. 15-Feb-42 Cons
Harmon, Ralph E. 19-Jan-23 SA
Harper, Milton C. 31-Oct-36 Cons
Harris, Elbert R. 17-Mar-43 Cons
Harris, William H. 4-Feb-43 Cons
Hart, William S. 28-Apr-56 Cons
Harter, Leo W 11-Aug-44 Cons
Harvey, Haley H. Jan. 17. 1930 Cons
Harvey, Haley H. 17-Jan-30 Cons
Hatter, Donald R. 7-Jul-56 Cons #
Hayes, Manuel L. 20-Mar-42 Cons
Heines, Donald J. 3-May-29 Cons
Heinrichs, O. A. 13-Nov-36 Cons
Helegeson, Alfred 28-Nov-53 Cons
Henderson, Clarence D. 15-Dec-36 Cons
Henry, George L. 16-Nov-44 Cons
Henry, Robert W. 20-Jun-45 Cons
Herbert, Joseph H. 20-Aug-41 Cons
Herbert, Joseph W. 1-Feb-56 Cons
Herlyck, Jesse P., Jr. 16-Jun-36 Cons
Heron, Keith C. 26-Mar-24 AE-Globe
Hess, Leigh L. 29-Apr-25 Cons
Higgins, Orland R. 3-Apr-42 Cons
Hilbert, Charles B. 16-Nov-43 Cons
Hildreth, Louis S. 30-Mar-37 Cons
Hill, James W. 11-Mar-42 Cons
Hinkle, L. J. 21-Jun-57 Cons
Hokett, William G. 9-Feb-25 Cons
Holaway, Theodora B. 4-Mar-46 Cons
Holbrook, Ralph T. 31-Dec-55 Cons
Holland, Thomas L 15-Oct-41 Cons
Holley, Harold W. 10-Jun-36 Cons
Hollingsworth, George W. 2-Jun-47 Cons
Hollingsworth, John E. 23-Sep-51 Cons
Holloway, Andrew H. 17-Jun-41 Cons
Holster, R. A. 9-Jun-42 Cons
Holzberger, Fred A. 11-Jan-25 Cons
Hook, James A. 30-Mar-42 Cons
Hopkins, Clarence C. 22-Sep-44 Cons
Hopkins, John D. 18-May-29 Cons
Hopkins, Roy H. 27-Jul-18 SP
Horst, Karl L., Jr. 23-Dec-36 Cons
Horton, Alfred K. Jun 9,1942 Cons
House, Wilbur C. 21-Feb-37 Cons
Howard, Benjamin F. 29-Jun-42 Cons
Howell, Chester L. 18-Jun-52 Cons
Horneck, Charles A. 22-Jan-44 Cons
Hubble, Winston H. 25-Jun-37 Cons
Hudgens, William M. 27-Dec-42 Cons
Huff, Mathew E. 2-Sep-25 Cons
Huffman, Albert E 2-Mar-46 Cons
Huffman, Edgar M. 11-Feb-44 Cons
Hughes, Jesse B. 1-Apr-19 SP
Hughes, Sam B. 23-Jan-26 Cons
Hulsey, Earl M. 9-Aug-43 Cons
Humphries, Redis H. 10-Nov-44 Cons
Hunte, Harry D. 28-Jan-45 Cons
Hunter, Phillip R. 1-Feb-45 Cons
Hurn, John L. 24-Mar-42 Cons
Hurst, "J" "C" 28-Feb-46 Cons
Hurst, John E. 30-Mar-22 AE-Phoenix
Jackson, Harold E. 20-Dec-36 Cons
Jenkins, Harry T. 6-Jan-28 Cons
Jennings, Edwin A. 9-Aug-46 Cons
Jensen, Bernard R. 4-Mar-56 Cons
Johnson, Levi C. 21-May-45 Cons
Johnson, Orris C. 3-Nov-56 Cons
Johnson, Walter H. 22-Jan-44 Cons
Jones, Frederick W. 9-Dec-55 Cons
Jones, John H. 15-Dec-55 Cons
June, Howard 23-Dec-42 Cons
Kane, R. J. 4-Aug-19 AE-Phoenix
Kaufman, L. D. 3-Dec-42 Cons
Kearby, Victor P. 20-Sep-44 Cons
Keil, Robert H. 3-Jan-42 Cons
Kelley, Alvin 9-Feb-18 SP
Kelley, Ivan E. 26-Jun-37 Cons
Kelsey, William H. 22-Dec-55 Cons #
Kelter, Ivan F. 3-May-37 Cons
Kennedy, William B. 17-Dec-41 Cons
Kent, Raymond K. 28-Nov-51 Cons
Kerby, Jesse R. 25-Oct-41 Cons
Killebrew, John W. 14-Feb-42 Cons
King, Charles K. 22-Nov-36 Cons
King, R. C. 11-May-56 Cons
King, Ralph B. 24-Dec-36 Cons
Koon, J. S. 20-Oct-42 Cons
Koshmider, Robert W. 30-Jan-46 Cons
LaLonde, Everet G. 13-Feb-42 Cons
Larson, Alexander 12-Aug-45 Cons
Larson, Clarence 19-May-41 Cons
Lash, Charles R. 11-Aug-52 Cons
Lason, Arthur F. 18-Dec-25 Cons
Lawson, James D. 6-Jan-51 Cons
Lee, A. C. 26-Jun-53 Cons
Lemon, Gerald O. 12-Apr-56 Cons #
Lemon, Oswell F. 25-May-37 Cons
Lemons, Otis J. 16-Feb-53 Cons
Lewers, Guy M. 17-Dec-42 Cons
Lewis, George M. 6-Dec-36 Cons
Lewis, George, Jr. 18-Jun-56 Cons
Lewis, Gordon H. 30-Jan-42 Cons
Likes, Harry P, Jr. 2-May-28 Cons
Liles, Forest D. 8-Nov-15 SP
Liles, Theodore S 31-May-36 Cons
Lindner, Walter E. 5-Jun-53 Cons
Little, Orval E. 2-Jul-37 Cons
Loeffler, Delmar C. 2-Jul-37 Cons
Logan, De Leon 27-Jun-53 Cons
Lomax, Ted., Jr. 22-May-46 Cons
Long, Ervin E. 3-Mar-43 Cons
Lord, Ernest L. 13-Aug-41 Cons
Lowther, David W. 25-Jan-26 Cons
Loyd, Frank 8-Mar-56 Cons
Lundquist, Emmett E. 17-Feb-37 Cons
Maguire, Allen 31-Dec-43 Cons
Maher, Ben 19-Jan-43 Cons
Manning, Gordon A. 2-Jul-37 Cons
Marcho, Verdell E. 4-Feb-44 Cons
Marker, Lyle K. 29-Jul-44 Cons
Marlar, Harlin L. 21-Jun-41 Cons
Marler, Roy L. 17-Jun-41 Cons
Marsalis, Neely W. 16-Mar-43 Cons
Martin, Elston C. 9-Apr-37 Cons
Martin, Nolan E. 17-Dec-41 Cons
Martin, Orval C. 11-Jun-36 Cons
Martin, Robert T. 26-Mar-42 Cons
Massey, Theodore E. 7-Aug-45 Cons
Matthews, Clarence L. 17-Apr-26 Cons
Mathews, Robert W. 3-May-41 Cons
Matthews, Sam W. 12-May-41 Cons
Maurel, Chester H. 5-Nov-41 Cons
Maxwell, Clyde W. 9-Feb-42 Cons
Mayhew, Odie 21-Nov-25 Cons
McBride, George O. 12-Apr-44 Cons
McCan, Mark R. 20-Mar-37 Cons
McCarty, Lewis R. 18-Feb-42 Cons
McCarty, Nathan 28-Jan-44 Cons
McClain, Vernon R. 16-Apr-37 Cons
McClelland, William 20-Mar-56 Cons
McClung, Elmer 20-Mar-26 Cons
McConnell, John A. 6-Jan-56 Cons
McCorkle, Claude W. 15-May-22 SP
McCormick, F J 4-Oct-12 SP
McDonald, Neill 25-Apr-41 Cons
McDulin, Leo R. 27-Sep-44 Cons
McEwen, Frank W. 14-Jun-41 Cons
McEwen, P. B. Jan. 14, 1930 Cons
McEwen, P. B. 14-Jan-30 Cons
McGalliard, James G. 15-May-41 Cons
McInerney, James A. 11-May-36 Cons
McInerney, James A. 11-May-36 Cons
McKee, Floyd A. 12-Sep-48 Cons
McKiearnan, Floyd R. 27-Feb-37 Cons
McKinnon, Howard E. 4-Mar-49 Cons
McKinnon, James E. 25-Jun-37 Cons
McLaughlin, John 2-May-25 Cons
McMahan, John J. 29-Apr-16 SP
McQueen, Roy 28-Jan-46 Cons
McRae, James M. 22-Dec-25 Cons
Meador, Earl E 10-Feb-46 Cons
Meadows, Joseph R. 10-May-42 Cons
Merritt, Fred D. 1-Jul-58 Cons
Michna, Theo L. 21-Jan-56 Cons
Miller, Carl H. 29-Oct-48 Cons
Miller, Cary W. 11-Jan-26 Cons
Miller, George W. 14-Mar-18 SP
Miller, Jimmie M. 23-May-42 Cons
Miller, Lester C. 28-Jun-42 Cons
Miller, Ralph M 27-Jun-53 Cons
Miller, Willard M. 17-Sep-42 Cons
Mills, Charles R. 24-Oct-44 Cons
Mitchell, William B. 11-Apr-25 Cons
Monaco, Antone J. 25-Apr-44 Cons
Montgomery, Lee W. 23-Nov-26 Cons
Moon, Lloyd R. 8-Feb-42 Cons
Moore, Phillip M. 20-Dec-25 Cons
Moore, Robert H. 17-Apr-24 SP
Moores, Harry A. 17-Jun-16 SP
Morgan, Clyde A. 17-Apr-26 Cons
Morris, John B. 1-Oct-25 Cons
Moyer, Paul S. 16-Dec-43 Cons
Murray, Augustine J. 7-Jan-23 SP
Murray, John M. W. 9-May-41 Cons
Murray, Thomas B. 2-Feb-26 Cons
Murrow, Mark M. 27-Feb-41 Cons
Myers, D. A. 21-Jun-56 Cons
Myers, Frank W. 11-Mar-42 Cons
Myers, Lonzo C. 28-Aug-41 Cons
Nail, Andrew C., Jr. 12-Jun-36 Cons
Nail, William L. 22-Jun-28 Cons
Nations, Lloyd H. Jan 27, 1951 Cons
Nelson, John V. 2-Mar-29 Cons
Newman, James C. 28-Jun-37 Cons
Nolen, Dennis E. 14-Dec-55 Cons
Nolen, William E. 8-Feb-24 SP
Nugent, Clarence L. 27-Nov-42 Cons
O'Neal, James 21-Nov-43 Cons
Offerman, Peter E. 7-Aug-45 Cons
Old, William G. 28-Dec-24 Cons
Owen, Clinton E. 29-May-53 Cons
Owen, Gardner W. 8-Oct-51 Cons
Owens, Benjamin F. 13-Mar-42 Cons
Packer, Ralph E. Jr. 20-Feb-42 Cons
Parker, John H. 13-May-29 Cons
Parrish, Felton 13-May-42 Cons
Patty, Archibald Y. 23-May-43 Cons
Pearce, Clay 26-Aug-43 Cons RD
Pecktol, LaVern E. 11-Jun-46 Cons
Peirce, Alton P. 11-Oct-20 SP
Peirce, Charles R. 31-May-36 Cons
Perkins, George R. 22-Dec-36 Cons
Perkins, George W. 11-Apr-43 Cons
Perkins, Joe B. 28-Aug-51 Cons
Peters, John A. 7-Aug-41 Cons
Pettebone, Roy F. 19-May-41 Cons
Philipson, Robert D. 14-Sep-25 Cons
Phillips, Luther Y. 2-Apr-26 Cons
Phoenix, Wade R. 28-Sep-50 Cons
Piper, Donald T. 23-Feb-42 Cons
Piper, Harry W. 3-Jul-41 Cons
Platt, David W. 18-Aug-46 Cons
Poe, Buster R. R. 14-May-43 Cons
Porter, Harlin W. 6-Nov-42 Cons
Potts, Ernest E. 20-May-29 Cons
Powell, Henry K. 24-May-29 Cons
Powell, Henry K.. 24-May-29 Cons
Powers, Lawrence B. 11-Jan-42 Cons
Pownell, Roger C. 14-Jun-41 Cons
Prewitt, Theodore 1-Jun-56 Cons
Price, Frederick N. 1-Mar-37 Cons
Price, R. F. 22-Mar-42 Cons
Price, William C. 26-Feb-42 Cons
Prichard, Proctor L. 10-Aug-43 Cons RD
Pyburn, Lynn Q. 22-Jun-41 Cons
Rabb, Lloyd L., Jr. 9-Feb-56 Cons
Rabb, Robert L. 21-Jun-41 Cons
Randles, Russell, Jr. 1-Feb-45 Cons
Ratcliff, Jack E. 6-Mar-42 Cons
Ray, James B. 8-Apr-51 Cons
Redwine, Russell H. 29-Jun-45 Cons
Reece, Robert H. 26-Mar-23 SP
Reid, Jerald W. 1-May-37 Cons
Reid, Robert W. 31-Aug-55 Cons
Remy, Vernon J. 10-Feb-37 Cons
Reynolds, G. W. 31-Mar-56 Cons
Reynolds, James W. 24-Jul-46 Cons
Reynolds, Otha L. 23-May-42 Cons
Richards, Charles H. 18-Dec-41 Cons
Rickett, Henry A. 3-Apr-41 Cons
Rice, John I 29-Apr-27 Cons
Roberts, Clayton I. 3-Mar-51 Cons
Robertson, Patrick F. 16-Dec-42 Cons
Robinson, John S. 19-Nov-26 Cons
Robinson, Marion E. 29-Jan-42 Cons
Robinson, Pete 19-Feb-37 Cons
Robison, Thomas J. 4-Jul-50 Cons
Rohrer, Ray W. 20-Dec-42 Cons
Rouch, Robert S. 6-Nov-36 Cons
Russell, Harry A. Jun 1, 1926 (Empl. Jan 30, 1918) Cons
Rutherford, Robert L. 29-Mar-37 Cons
Rutledge, Donal R. 27-Nov-52 Cons #
Ryan, Charles E. 18-Dec-45 Cons
Ruyle, Louis D. 27-Jul-45 Cons RD
Rotenberry, O. O. 14-May-28 Cons
Sanasac, David O. 28-Mar-44 Cons
Satterfield, Willie L. 28-Jun-37 Cons
Savage, P. J. Jr. 7-Sep-16 SW-RD
Scarbrough, Joseph A. 20-Oct-41 Cons
Schafer, Ernest R. 27-Dec-43 Cons
Schepman, Arl M. 10-Jul-42 Cons
Schetter, Harry I. 28-May-29 Cons
Schetter, Harry I. 28-May-29 Cons
Schoenthaler, Arnold E. 2-Sep-41 Cons
Schroeder, Jacob F. 19-Jun-41 Cons RD
Scott, Donald E. 3-Mar-51 Cons
Scroggins, Cleddie E. 24-Jun-37 Cons
Seal, Cecil C. 18-Jul-44 Cons
Seamands, Laurence C. Jun 1, 1926 (Empl. Aug 29, 1924) Cons
Sebastion, Frank J. 3-Jun-54 Cons
Sell, Herman M. 5-Jun-41 Cons
Shade, Forrest D. 7-Dec-50 Cons
Shahan, Andrew V. 5-Dec-42 Cons
Shearin, James R. 10-Jun-53 Cons
Shedd, Noble F. 8-Jul-46 Cons
Sherwood, Glenn 20-Nov-41 Cons
Shetler, James F. 16-Mar-51 Cons
Shires, Nolen 24-Jul-53 Cons
Shockley, Sam W. 13-Jan-21 SP
Short, Delbert E. 24-Jun-55 Cons
Short, Delbert E. 24-Jun-55 Cons
Simmons, James W. 17-Dec-42 Cons
Sinclair, Roy B. 1-Jan-37 Cons
Skevington, Thomas F. 6-Apr-43 Cons
Skidmore, Ray W. Jun 1, 1926 (Empl. Nov 7, 1916) Cons
Slade, J. Claude 18-Jan-27 Cons
Slade, Leland M. 30-Jun-36 Cons
Slater, William R. 3-Jun-13 SP
Slocum, Cecil E. 13-Mar-42 Cons
Slider, Ralph R. 6-Oct-43 Cons
Smith, alvin B. 26-Aug-50 Cons
Smith, Harold 1-May-41 Cons
Smith, Norman W. 15-Nov-41 Cons
Smith, Ralph L. 26-Sep-47 Cons
Smith, Samuel I. 24-Jul-53 Cons
Smith, Vance A. 24-Jun-55 Cons
Smith, Vance A. 24-Jun-55 Cons
Smith, Wallace G. 9-Dec-41 Cons
Sorg, Eugene B. 28-Feb-51 Cons
Sortomme, James M. 23-Dec-53 Cons
Spaw, O. E. 1-Jan-22 SW-Clifton
Spelce, Ray 12-May-41 Cons
Spencer, Albert R. 26-Nov-42 Cons
Spencer, Duane D. 10-Oct-55 Cons
Spencer, Kenneth W. 12-Dec-41 Cons
Spruill, Luther P. 16-Jun-28 Cons
Starkey, Richard J. 16-Feb-45 Cons
Stead, Lloyd C. 14-Apr-51 Cons
Stead, Ray G. 29-Dec-23 SP
Steinmetz, Clifford J. 5-Jun-47 Cons
Stephenson, Clyde E. 23-Oct-41 Cons
Stevens, Grover J. Jan 14 1917 SP
Stewart, Jesse R. 31-May-36 Cons
Stewart, Roy D. 8-Nov-41 Cons
Stewart, Sidney R. 21-Jun-41 Cons
Stiver, John W. 4-Jul-37 Cons
Stock, Daniel J. 10-Aug-53 Cons #
Stopani, George H. 2-Jul-53 Cons
Story, Billy B 11-Jun-36 Cons
Stover, Arthur E., Jr. 12-May-41 Cons
Straight, Keith P. 12-Nov-52 Cons
Strasser, Earl H. 14-Sep-25 Cons
Strasser, Earl H, Jr. 24-Jul-53 Cons
Strasser, Frank A. 15-Jun-26 Cons
Strasser, Robert K. 21-Jun-51 Cons
Strope, Anthony 4-Jul-19 AE-Phoenix
Sturges, Clayton J. 22-Dec-41 Cons
Sullivan, L. M. 21-Sep-42 Cons
Sullivan, Robert J. 31-Mar-51 Cons
Sweiger, Ervin J. 30-Mar-42 Cons
Swenson, Shirrell E. 3-Mar-52 Cons
Teal, Emmet H. 8-Jul-29 Cons
Teal, Emmet H.. 8-Jul-29 Cons
Thacker, James W. 5-Feb-37 Cons RD
Thomas, Claude M. 2-Jul-45 Cons
Tinsley, George R. 24-May-29 Cons
Tipton, Don B. 8-Feb-45 Cons
Tirey, Laran E. 26-Jun-37 Cons
Tolson, Benjamin R., Jr. 12-Jun-36 Cons
Totty, Wyman 13-Dec-36 Cons
Townsend, Thomas E. 12-Mar-56 Cons
Triniman, William W. 16-Feb-41 Cons
Tripp, Roger W. 25-Jun-37 Cons
Trylor, Thomas C. 31-Mar-27 Cons
Tucker, Gilford H. 1-Jan-42 Cons
Tudor, Howard E. 8-Mar-23 SP
Underwood, Boyd F. 20-Sep-45 Cons
Upshaw, Eard B. 21-May-41 Cons
Van Dyke, William V. 17-Mar-42 Cons
Van Orsdol, Jack O. 8-Oct-41 Cons
Vance, John W. 17-Apr-26 Cons
Vaught, Robert E. 30-Nov-36 Cons
Vipperman, William F., Jr. 5-Oct-50 Cons
Vissar, Henry T, Jr. 1-Dec-43 Cons
Waddell, William T. 19-Sep-42 Cons
Wagger, Lawrence D., Jr. 27-May-44 Cons
Wakefield, Arthur H. 4-Nov-36 Cons
Wakefield, Richard W. 9-May-41 Cons
Walker, Donald M. 13-Jan-45 Cons
Wallace, Harold R. 11-May-56 Cons #
Walsh, Lawrence E. 6-Apr-37 Cons
Walton, L. T. 21-Dec-53 Cons
Wamsley, Cecil W. 30-Mar-42 Cons
Wamsley, Clyde 6-Sep-41 Cons
Wandermark, Joseph J. 24-Sep-42 Cons
Ware, Harvey J. 26-May-41 Cons
Ware, William B. 1-Aug-41 Cons
Warren, William L. 19-Dec-42 Cons
Washburn, Joseph D. 6-Dec-50 Cons
Watson, Jesse E. 4-Jan-26 Cons
Wakefield, Vernon W. 21-Sep-41 Cons
Webb, Lester A., Jr. 9-Jun-36 Cons
Webb, Sidney R. 14-Mar-41 Cons
West, Paul V. 20-Mar-44 Cons
Wester, Harry D. 11-Jun-23 SP
Wester, Jack 31-May-36 Cons
Westfall, Aubrey G. 31-May-36 Cons
Whatley, Costin L. 6-Dec-36 Cons
Wheeler, Edward F. 5-Jul-56 Cons
Wheelin, James J. 31-May-36 Cons
Whisnant, Raymond 24-Mar-51 Cons
Whiteman, Donald N. 24-Dec-55 Cons
Whitlock, George D. 10-Feb-42 Cons
Whitlow, Rolla E. 5-Apr-44 Cons
Williams, Joseph B. 15-Feb-42 Cons
Williams, Thomas B. 25-Apr-42 Cons RD
Williams, William E. 1-May-21 SP
Wills, Ray W. 9-Jan-23 SP
Wilson, Caroll V. 27-Dec-44 Cons
Wilson, Garold W. 2-Jul-51 Cons
Wilson, Glen G. 20-Mar-26 Cons-RD
Wilson, Haskell L. 6-Jun-46 Cons
Wilson, Van A. 12-Jun-41 Cons
Wilson, William M. 23-Jul-43 Cons RD
Wilson, William V. 4-Jul-42 Cons
Wilson,Robert E. 11-Jul-53 Cons
Winderlin, George W. 8-Mar-51 Cons
Wingrove, Albert R. 9-Nov-36 Cons
Winterburn, Harvey O. 4-Dec-47 Cons
Wise, Jack O. 27-May-36 Cons
Womble, James H. 13-Dec-28 Cons
Wood, Charles J. 6-Feb-37 Cons
Woods, James B. 22-Jan-46 Cons
Wright, Alfred A. 10-Nov-47 Cons
Wright, Clayton L. 28-Jun-45 Cons
Wright, Corry S. 21-Apr-37 Cons
Wright, Henry G. 14-Sep-25 Cons
Yarbrough, Thomas 1-May-56 Cons
Yell, William C. 28-Feb-42 Cons
Yochem, R. R. 20-Jun-56 Cons
York, Ira W. 1-Jan-43 Cons
Young, Cary L. 31-Dec-55 Cons
Young, Charles E. 20-Jan-44 Cons
Yutz, Frank 30-Nov-25 Cons
Zellar, Dale R. 3-May-27 Cons
Ziede, Paul 8-Jun-36 Cons

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