Douglas-Williams House
1001 Ave D
Douglas, Arizona 85608

The Douglas-Williams house is open:

Wednesday 10 AM to 4 PM

Saturday Noon to 4 PM

Gary and Lavinia Spivey are the helpful volunteers from the Douglas Historical Society that make it happen. They are very gracious and knowlegable.

The Douglas Historical Society has a spiffy new website at Douglas Historical Society and they can be reached at 520-364-7370 and email at Douglas Historical Society

The Cochise County Historical Society is a volunteer run organization that always has room for new volunteers. Currently they don't have the capability/staffing to answer research requests. Their website is and their email is Please do not email us about research requests. If we have it, it's on the website.

Print a Membership form for the Cochise County Historical Society Their mailing address is: P O Box 818, Douglas, AZ 88608-0818

A Tribute to the Volunteers
None of this would be here without them!

If it weren't for all the volunteers that keep the Douglas Historical Society and the Cochise County Historical Society going, there wouldn't be much reason for all this. Here's some of them:

Mary Magoffin WAS the Cochise County Historical Society. She lost her battle with cancer in April 2007. Mary is irreplacable. Bill Pakinkis has taken over as President and Nan Ames is still helping. In the Douglas Historical Society we have Lavinia and Gary Spivey, Alice Percell, and Brenda Tice as the worker bees

Allyson Moskovits deserves a big round of applause for her redesign of our site. She's very talented and will go far in her chosen field of web design and graphics. See her site and email her here.

Wilola Follett is a native of Douglas. She has a life-long interest in genealogy---especially as it applies to her home (Cochise County). She belongs to a number of genealogical associations and also volunteers at the AZ State Archives. She is contributor of the scanned data on this site, in addition she spends many, many hours contributing additional information. Many of the most interesting items found here originated from her. Wilola is a retired school teacher who lives in the Mesa area.

Vynette Sage lives in north central Arizona. She also grew up in Douglas. Vynette transcribes the majority of our databases from cursive records. She belongs to several genealogical societies and is pleased to contribute to this website which features the genealogical and historical records of her childhood home. In her "spare" time, she volunteers for the local Search and Rescue.

Webmaster, Pat Bennett had a Grandpa that homesteaded at Apache at the turn of the last century. She wrote a book about the people buried in the Apache Cemetery and had this idea about a web page for Cochise County. Being a slow and sloppy typist, she knew it would never happen if it was to be dependent on her alone. She mentioned it to dear friend Wilola Follett one day and she seemed to like the idea too. She agreed to do the imputing and help with the researching, if Pat would do the computer stuff and fund the thing. Like magic, Vynette Sage, (our chief typist) links up with us and we take off.

Patrick Bawden from Oregon found our site and found some information on it that was helpful to him so he volunteered to help our cause. His huge contribution will soon appear on our pags in the form of old maps.

Many others have contributed information for the site and are noted with their contribution. Among them, and Robert Silas Griffin, and Robert Sterling, Jr and Robert Sterling III.

Sadly I have learned that Ed Francis, a big help in research and info for us, has died. We already miss him and sincerely hope that his work gets published some day. Love you Ed!

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