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Factors to consider when choosing an invisible dog fence

Choosing the best wireless fence has numerous benefits to offer. Thus, being keen in your selection process is vital. However, there is a wide variety of invisible dog fencing options. Therefore, picking one from many options may be confusing. On that note, this article will highlight some of the aspects to consider when buying an invisible dog fence.

Wireless or wired?

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This is one of the most important things to remember when buying an invisible dog fence. It is key to remember that you need a wireless option, during your selection process. However, some sellers are a little bit confusing. They may end up giving you a wired instead of a wireless dog fence. In case the seller, tells you, there is a need of burying the system, then know this is not a wireless option. On the other hand, if the brand being sold comes with a transmitter, this is what you should buy.

Radius covered

It is also important to consider the radius capability of the wireless option you have in mind. Ideally, before you start shopping for one, have in mind the area in which you would want to restrain your dog. With this in mind, you will be in a position of settling for either a narrow or a broad correction field.


This is also an important aspect to consider if you want to get the best invisible dog fence. There are two essential aspects to consider when choosing a collar. One of this is adjustability of the collar. The other one is the shock adjustment. Ideally, the collar you settle for should allow you to adjust its size, to fit your dog perfectly. More to this, it should be possible to adjust shock strength depending on how your dog responds.


Each wireless fence comes with distinct features. Some of these features include several collars, ground flag, lightning protection, and rechargeable batteries among others. Before settling on a wireless fencing system, it is essential to bear in mind your yard requirements, lifestyle and budget. With this, it will be easy to select a wireless fencing system with ideal features.

Battery backup

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To be sure of continuous functionality, it is essential to go for a wireless fencing option that contains battery backup facilities. More to this, it is advisable to settle for a package that has rechargeable batteries. With this, you will have your wireless invisible fence functioning all the time.

Compare prices

Different retailers will sell there invisible fence systems at varying prices. As such, it is important to compare prices of different retailers before settling on one. More to this, when making price comparisons look at the features of the systems in mind. The best way to go about this is to look at in-depth invisible dog fence reviews.