Unidentified Cemetery # 1 near Naco, AZ

(Frazier Family)

What appear to be eight gravesites are in this abandoned cemetery between Greenbush Draw and Newell St. (north to south) and between Naco Hwy. 92 and the Turquoise Valley Golf Course (east to west). The old Naco Rd., separated by an old fence, ran along the western edge of this cemetery that was apparently abandoned long before the new bridge was built over the draw. Abandonment of this cemetery was very likely caused by repeated, extensive flooding of this low-lying area. A lady rancher intimated that there could have been as many as 10 or so graves by the late 1920s or early 1930s. Several members of the Frazier Family could be buried here.

1- old fenced grave w/ cement slab no inscription or headstone in central-northern section.

2- old burnt posts possibly marking a plot / gravesite just steps away to west of above.

2- gravesites a few yards south of fenced grave. One has a tombstone with this inscription:

Kathryn Frazier born June 16, 1915 died July 4, 1916 "Gone to be an angel"

(the number nines are reversed)

The 2nd grave close by appears to also be a childs grave and both have thick cement rings / borders and the 2nd site has two iron bolts that had secured the now missing headstone. There is a large half-buried stone of the same type and color as the stone on the first childs grave but no legible markings are visible. This may be the missing stone.

1 adult sized grave with a thick cement ring / border is in the NW corner of this area and very close to old road. No inscription or headstone.

3 old fenced gravesites are a few yards further south of the corner grave and are close to the old fence and road. These graves have no headstones or inscriptions.

This cemetery could have been the earliest cemetery for Naco, AZ. Additional graves could be in this area and further research needs to be done.

(This information supplied by the comprehensive field work done by Robert Silas Griffin of Douglas, AZ on 7/29/2001 during his U of AZ Undergraduate Research on WBTS Veterans in Cochise County.)

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