When Should You Hire an Immigration Lawyer? 

If you’re applying for a green card or an immigrant visa in the US, you aren’t required to hire a lawyer. You can easily proceed to a green card or visa without the help of a lawyer. This is particularly true if you’ve got no criminal records, eligible for the benefit you seek, and have a straightforward case.  


Unfortunately, there are a couple of cases in which you will need the help of an immigration lawyer. Immigration law is extremely complex. Thus, if you want to save yourself frustration and time, you should consider hiring an immigration lawyer in Lehi. Here are several reasons to consider: 

You’re Inadmissible 

The most popular legal problem that immigrants face is getting considered inadmissible by the USCIS.  

Usually, the USCIS will consider an immigrant inadmissible if they’ve got any financial instability, lied to the US government before, or committed a crime.  

It makes a lot of sense to get help from an immigration lawyer if you know that these things apply to you. You should do it before you start the application process.  

You’re in Immigration Court Proceedings 

You should immediately hire an immigration lawyer if you’ve been in immigration court deportation proceedings. Your whole immigration case is in the power of the courts if the proceedings are on appeal or aren’t yet done. This means that you won’t get anywhere trying to utilize the same application procedures as immigrants who aren’t in proceedings.  

Even if the proceedings are done, you should ask an immigration lawyer whether the results influence your current situation. 

You’re an Employer Searching for Foreign-Born Workers 

If you’re a business owner, you are probably busy. You probably don’t want to spend your time understanding the complexity of immigration law. If this is the case, you should consider hiring a professional immigration lawyer.  

A lot of immigration lawyers specialize in the outs and ins of Form 9089. They’re available to help employers across the PERM process and other forms of work-visa applications.  

You Can’t Determine Your Options 

Let us assume you’re an employer or an employee. A worker can qualify for several types of green cards or visas. However, it is extremely hard to know which is the ideal option. An immigration lawyer can help the worker and employer choose what visa is ideal for the qualifications of the worker and the needs of the employer.  

When it comes to family-based or other forms of visa cases, similar complications may come up. For example, an engaged individual may have the option of getting married first. Then, they can enter the country on an immigrant visa. On the other hand, they can also get a K-1 fiancé visa first before they can get married.  

However, as an immigrant, you need to choose the method that is more advantageous and faster. Unfortunately, everything depends on the processing times, procedures, and government fees. Fortunately, you can make your life a lot easier if you hire a professional immigration lawyer