Camp Harry J Jones

Douglas, Arizona

Camp Harry J. Jones is located on the Mexican border just east of Douglas and was active from around 1910 to about 1933. It was named for Corporal Harry J. Jones, an enlisted man shot Nov. 2, 1915, while guarding the U. S. Customs House in Douglas.

At this time Pancho Villa with his large army tried to capture Agua Prieta, Mexico the border town next to Douglas.  This move was not successful.

The U.S. recognized Carranza and allowed him to bring his army by way of the Southern Pacific Railroad from El Paso, TX. When the two Mexican armies clashed in Mexico, many men were killed in both armies. Corporal Harry J. Jones was the only American killed.

Originally when the Camp was established it was called Camp Douglas. The soldiers were to guard the US/Mexico border in that area as Mexico was having a number of revolutions with much fighting in the border towns.

In February 1916, the Sixth Brigades Commanding Officer asked that the camp be named in honor of Corporal Harry J. Jones.

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The names listed below are from the City Directory of Douglas, AZ 1916-1917 and the two issues of The Tombstone, which was extracted from the City Directory of Douglas. 

NOTE: The directory listed no person below the rank of corporal. Remember it is very important to check the original source: the City Directory to substantial this index, for any unintentional errors. Good researchers check all clues no matter where they are found. Further military research - use the WWI draft register at

Of interest at the end of this index is the menu of the Christmas Dinner, 1918, Troop M, 17th Cavalry, Camp Harry J. Jones, Douglas, Arizona.

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