How to choose the best furniture for you

Your option to choose a furniture range from various models, size, and prices. There are countless possibilities on how you want to design the interior of your living space. You would not want to spend money just to find out that later on, it is not the furniture that you needed. Before purchasing one, consider it with all four aspects in this article to make the best decision.


huefg63First thing first is to consider what can you work with the space that you have. Whether it’s a whole house, an apartment, loft, condominium, or a room. What will be the purpose of the space and how do you want to spend your time there. If you need to use a limited space for a lot of things like in an apartment, then consider planning ahead of time so you can maximize the potential and not end up needing more furniture or too many of them. See if it’s possible to purchase an item that you can use more than one way. For example is a couch that you can turn into a bed.

Length of stay

ge3b7rt76Often people forgot to consider the length of stay as a factor in buying furniture. Do you live in a place of your own or do you rent it? Are you planning to get a new place later? Do you want to bring the furniture or are you going to use it only for two years or less? Answering these questions can help you decide on how much you are willing to spend for the furniture. If it is for a house that you will the rest of life in, or an apartment that you want to settle for quite a while, then you would want to invest a little more on the furniture so it will last you a long time.

Price comparison and lifestyle

bgc3tr6b7iAlways have lots of options, and take your time in looking for an item of furniture. Since it is not like clothes that you can stack and change anytime you want, it also cost more money. So go and look for it at least in 3 different stores before you buy it. Your lifestyle should also be the consideration in choosing the furniture. Do you live with other people or do you live alone? Do you plan to have a pet? Do you have a lot of friends and want to host events or parties? All of this will require you to buy furniture with specific needs.…


Ways to make your house look modern

Do you particularly enjoy a modern house look but don’t know where to start? This look is truly not hard to achieve, and you can save a lot of money from setting up the place with your own vision.
Hiring design interior can cost you a lot of money, and you can save or use the money to transform your house with the help of a few tips below.

Go minimalistic

rb4yrg8i A modern look is a simple look. You can’t achieve a modern look with too many pieces of furniture, decorations, and items in general at your home. While it can take a while to learn on how to style a minimalistic look, maybe you can consider looking at a few tips on how to live minimalist. That way of lifestyle promote owning as less material and produce less waste; it will instantly make your house look the way you want.

Be practical

gbd2gr7bAnother tip that will support you minimalistic look is to be more practical in everything. Buy an item that can do a job of 3 other tools, in other words, don’t buy unnecessary stuff that has a purpose that’s too specific. Like a lot of marketed kitchen and cooking tools, a pan just for frying egg, for example, will take up unnecessary space in your cabinet or drawer. Not only this will make your house look clean, but there will also be less stuff that can collect dust and need cleaning.

Color palette

t76vbifkThis step can be one of the most crucial when it comes to home decor if you follow all steps but this, you will probably fail in making your house look modern. Try using cold or warm tone that is not too bright. If you wish to use bright colors, then pick pastels colors. Matching the walls, tiles, ceilings, electronic, lamp, and other furniture is the key. This tip does not mean that you have everything in the same or similar color, but more like having a palette that contains a range of color that works together. To achieve this, you can google and look up pictures online for options that you can go with.

Find inspirations

b3gr6t38iHere is how you can find inspirations and not precisely copy someone else’s house or room. First of all, you can discover insight everywhere not only from other people’s home, tv shows about houses and decorations or magazine. Try Youtube and watching movies as well, look at the ambiance and their home set up, often time vlogger will show their home and who knows if you are a fan of what it looks like. Especially movies usually have their room or house set up for a specific and cohesive look to get the message across.…