The 1864 Territorial Census
Names Beginning With "X, Y & Z"

The 1864 Census was the first census for the territory of Arizona. The census took place in April of that year. This database was taken from the original cursive records. Additional records are available---an edited transcript taken from the original records and a typewritten copy. This database will differ slightly from the edited and typewritten copies. My interpretation of the cursive writing is occasionally different than previous transcriptions. Capital letters are particularly difficult to decipher---check various surnames using alternative first letters.......

The Arizona Territory was divided into three districts. To date, this database includes only records for district one. This covers from the Gila River south and east of the communities along the western boundary in the region of the Colorado River. The following communities appear on the district one portion of the census:

Apache Pass
Cerro Colorado Mine
Mowry Mine Works
Pima Village
San Antonio Mine
San Pedro

Notes on several of the above communities:

Mowry Mine: "Having misunderstood the directions of the Marshal the names of 107 women and children, incident at this place, were omitted from the list."

Apache Pass & San Pedro: "Incomplete, will send in supplement by the 1st" Supplement was not included in the census, and has not been found. Possibly, these section of the census was never completed.

Cerro Colorado Mines: " Forty two Papago Indians, with their families, are laboring at this time. Also eight tame Apaches."

District # Name Age Sex M? Where from How long Family Reside Occupation R.E. Value Pers. Value Claim to citizenship
Tucson #2 1281 Yannes, Alefonta 26 f m Sonora 7 yrs         by residence
Tucson #2 1280 Yannes, Balantin 26 m m Chihuahua 9 yrs Tucson Laborer   $25 by residence
Tucson #1 574 Yannes, Guadalupe 34 m s Sonora 5 yrs   Laborer   $5 by residence
Tucson #2 1283 Yannes, Miguel 6 m s Tucson 6 yrs         by residence
Tucson #2 1282 Yannes, Olochia 1 f s Tucson 1 yr         by residence
San Antonio Mine #1 1 Yerkes, Thos. M. 30 m s Penna 6 yrs   Mine Owner $20,000    
Mowry Mine #1 20 Yescus, Juan 40 m m Sonora 2 yrs   Laborer      
San Xavier #1 89 Ylecan, Angel R. 25 f m Arizona life San Xavier        
San Xavier #1 93 Ylecan, Barbara 17 f s Arizona life          
San Xavier #1 98 Ylecan, Dominguez 2 m s Arizona life          
San Xavier #1 95 Ylecan, Felix 7 f s Arizona life          
San Xavier #1 94 Ylecan, Francisca 10 f s Arizona life          
San Xavier #1 88 Ylecan, Guadalupe 55 m m Arizona life San Xavier Farmer $500 $100  
San Xavier #1 90 Ylecan, Jeronimo 23 m s Arizona life       $100  
San Xavier #1 92 Ylecan, Jose 19 m s Arizona life          
San Xavier #1 91 Ylecan, Lorenzo 21 m s Arizona life          
San Xavier #1 97 Ylecan, Luz 4 f s Arizona life          
San Xavier #1 96 Ylecan, Petria 5 f s Arizona life          
Reventon& Calabasas 8 Yokel, Philip 25 m s Baveria 1 mo   Soldier     US Army
Reventon& Calabasas 41 Young, Wm. R. 36 m s Ohio 1 mo   Soldier      
Mowry Mine #2 63 Yquerra, Isario 23 m s Sonora 1 yr   Laborer      
Tucson #1 273 Yslaz, Concepcion 18 f s Tucson 18 yrs       $150 by residence
Tucson #1 274 Yslaz, Jose Ma. 27 m m Tucson 27 yrs   Clerk   $300 by residence
Tucson #1 303 Yvarra, Dolores 25 f m Tucson 20 yrs         by residence
Tucson #2 1400 Ziegler, A. 38 m s Germany           soldier
Apache Pass 13 Zurales, Conozeno 27 m s Chihuahua 6 yrs   Laborer      

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