You know that it is time to take action right away if your toilet starts to act up. If you ignore the signs, bathroom plumbing problems such as water leaks can result in costly plumbing repairs and messy situations.

While your first move might be to contact a bathroom plumbing Grande Prairie company to spot and repair the issue with your toilet, it might actually be time to get rid of your toilet and get ready for a new installation.

When it comes to your toilet’s lifespan, there are a couple of red flags that you should know how to spot. If you see any of the signs mentioned below when you go to your bathroom, it might be time to replace the toilet and hire a professional plumber for proper installation.

High Water Bills

Every homeowner likes to save money as much as possible. Thus, if you replace your old toilet with a modern low-flush one, you can get on top of the savings today. Your house saves gallons of water every time you use the toilet if you opt for a water-saving toilet.

Visual Damage

Scratches and cracks in the porcelain are a major red flag that your toilet has to be replaced. Even the most minor scratch can produce a health risk within your property. Aside from collecting debris and dirt, these cracks can also increase and produce even bigger issues such as water damage from leaks.

Frequent Emergency Services

It’s always good to have an excellent plumber who is always ready to help. However, it is recommended to purchase a new toilet if you frequently hire an emergency plumber for emergency repairs. While almost every toilet repair is a low-cost job, constant emergency calls to a professional plumber add up quickly. If you want to save money in the long-run, you need to replace the toilet that keeps on giving you issues. You shouldn’t worry because a professional plumber can still help you with this problem.

Frequent Clogs

It is time to replace your toilet if you find yourself plunging the toilet more than once every week. Mineral deposits accumulate within the pipe linked to the toilet every time it gets used. As your toilet gets older and time passes by, these deposits harden. The flushing strength of your toilet isn’t enough anymore to push through regular waste.

A professional plumber can come out and help you determine if the issue is the drain pipes or the toilet. Usually, if the drainpipe is the problem, it will only require cleaning. However, it is time to buy a new toilet if the problem is the toilet itself.

Replacing a toilet is a common thing that homeowners should do. However, if you want to get the plumbing of your bathroom back to normal, proper installation is needed. You should always hire a professional plumbing company to help guide you through the process of getting rid of the toilet and installing a new toilet. Make sure they’re licensed and insured to offer you peace of mind.